Recklessly In Love With A B-More Thug 3 (Paperback)

Recklessly In Love With A B-More Thug 3 Cover Image
By Bria S
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The streets of Baltimore are filled with sheisty individuals. Once again, Logan finds herself in the midst of the family turmoil. She's realizing it's her time to step up for what she decides will be her very last time. The drama surrounding her life makes Logan become more OK with being selfish to her own needs. The type of hood love she once desired is beginning to dwindle away as a small blessing comes between her and Dre.
 For the type of guy Deandre is, him hearing of Logan wanting to go her separate way from him sounds like a foreign language to his ears. It's just not something that he is willing to acknowledge or go for. His existence as a man depends on her love.
Logan finds herself a new man, and Dre takes it hard. Dre tries to carry on pretending that his life without Logan is easy, but certain events begin to unfold that Dre knows he can only go to Logan to help him out. She tells him no, but seems to still find herself getting herself wrapped up into Deandre's bipolar world. 
Brandon is back home to clean up the family's mess. He soon realizes it's way more for him to clean up than he ever expected as he tries to blend himself successfully back into society. Love, loyalty, and family are the only things the gang can seem to agree on. What will happen in the end when they are all forced to choose between the three? Deandre and Brandon's relationship is becoming estranged. Will they be able to mend their brotherhood? Logan is in the midst of fighting to achieve perfect peace, but will she continue to be sucked into the lifestyle of the streets?
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ISBN: 9781727108033
ISBN-10: 1727108035
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: September 6th, 2018
Pages: 178
Language: English