I Want To Hold You Down Part 2 (Paperback)

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In this second installment of this gritty love story called I Want to Hold You Down. The gang is all back with more drama, lies, and secrets than ever. In the last book, we learned that friends were worse than enemies, blood ain't always thicker than water and people are not always what they seem. In this new drama filled rollercoaster, sit back and buckle up your seatbelts because even though the games changes, the people, stadium, and stage still remains the same. Method who feels like he is on the verge of losing everything has to ask himself, how far will he go to save the love of his life and to what extent is he willing to risk everything.Well we all know that when it comes to love we will go as far as the ends of the earth and do everything in our power, to avenge the ones that are closest to us Even if it mean going to war with the whole world, and everybody in it, even the ones that you never expected to.

About the Author

Tameka Harris is a 32 year old, Gibson County High School graduate, and an avid reader that resides in Tennessee. Tameka started reading at the tender age of 5 years old, and graduated to writing short stories not long after that. Her talent for writing started to develop after reading several books and not getting the end results that she would have wanted from the characters. Tameka had an imagination that seemed to always run wild, and she wanted to put it to use so she turned her rendition of story endings into chapters that were just for her own enjoyment; which eventually turned into full blown stories that she would share with friends and family members. To say that writing became a huge part of her life would be an understatement. Tameka lives, breathes and even dreams about writing in hopes of one day becoming as great as her favorite author, the great, Ms.Terry McMillian. Tameka is a go getter and has always strived to be the best!
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ISBN: 9781541270633
ISBN-10: 1541270630
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: December 28th, 2016
Pages: 248
Language: English