Pride and Prejudice (Paperback)

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The Regency novella Pride and Prejudice tells the story about a family of 7 made of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet and their five daughters.

The time is the Napoleonic Wars circa the 1810-1820 and women had a low status within society unless they married well.

It was a struggle throughout the story for elder sisters Jane and Elizabeth to comply with the obstinate ways of their mother in that they should marry a man of means, rather than a man they loved. Still Jane and Elizabeth were able to stick to what they believed and found love in the end despite of the drawbacks that their lack of aristocratic status (and dowry) made them encounter.

In all, the novel is about how Elizabeth and Jane seek and find love without compromising their dignity, and with the full intention of marrying for love and not for financial gain.

The attitude of Mrs. Bennet and her husband, and that of the other characters color the novel with comedy since they represent the typical characters of aristocratic and country upbringings that are mocked through the story.
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