Lords Of The Manor: Two Servants One Mistress (Paperback)

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Byron and Aubrey had given up their life at sea when the two step brothers parents were killed. They had taken joint responsibility of running the family home Chartlsworth manor.
Another thing they'd taken responsibility for was Betsy. the dark skinned servant girl who'd come as part of the package when they'd bought their ship. She had become important to them and now lived with them in the grand house as part of their large staff.
Betsy had been forever grateful for the kindness of her two lords, in fact they were as important to her as she to them if fact probably more so.
One evening when she'd gone to bed early thinking about the two men of the house, something she rarely didn't do. the same evening Byron and Aubrey mistake a loud bang from the servants quarters for a burglar, they burst into her room.
What they find is not what they expect. Things are about to get very interesting for these three people from opposite sides of the world as well as the social divide.
Read more by taking a look inside.
Contains explicit language and scenes of a sexual nature strictly for over eighteens only
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ISBN: 9781503257580
ISBN-10: 1503257584
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: November 1st, 2014
Pages: 40
Language: English